One of the greatest places on earth for a tranquil holiday is the Maldives.

all inclusive maldives holidayThe Maldives known as the island nation is made up of a double chain of 26 atolls and many hundreds of islands.

Although currently there are only 108 island with official tourist resorts on them.  IN recent years you have seen a number of local island have Guest Houses on them.

Tourist flock from all over the world to the Maldives for their annual holiday or vacation.

The Maldives has many attractions, with an average temperature around 30.5 degrees centigrade  and an average of 225 hours of sunshine a month this is an ideal climate for relaxing and enjoying various forms of water sport.

Maldives holiday resorts are mainly one resort per island with a mixture of beach villas, water bungalows and some garden villas.

Some Maldive Resorts offer bed and break fast, half board and full board and other offer traditional Maldives all Inclusive holiday packages.

When an island offers all-inclusive facilities this tends to include food, local non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and some non motorized water sports.

When traveling to the Maldives your holiday will mainly be based around one or two island, although island hoping is becoming more common recently. Itis therefore important to choose an island with the right kind of facilities for your needs.

There are many reasons why people choose the Maldives for their holidays one reason that contributes a large number of visitors to these islands is seeking a great snorkeling holiday.

Maldives snorkeling holidays provide some of the best snorkeling in the world, with many resorts having great house reefs.

When you add this to the great diving and scuba locations you start to realize that the Maldives has a great deal to offer.

You cannot always find cheap holidays to the Maldives, when you compare it with certain other locations round the world but for the money you spend you certainly get great value.

Increasingly the Maldives are seeing visitors from all around the world. In recent years the Chinese seem to have discovered the delights of the Maldives.

Some islands are more geared to certain foreign nationals rather than others.

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